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Cloud Access Control System SameKey

Cloud Access Control System

Access Control System sales and installation directly from the manufacturer. Opening by cards, NFC tags, Bluetooth, mobile application, guest links. Working time and attendance control. Over the Internet administration.

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There are different ways to open any door in any facility

Fingerprints, Cards, Application via Bluetooth, NFC

Access Control App

Cloud Connected Access Control Devices

Reader-Controller connects to a contactless exit button being synchronized with cloud control panel

Cloud Panel SameKey

Cloud Panel To Manage Employees Access

Get access to entries/exits stats, add & delete keys

SameKey Access Devices Key Advantages

- Connect SameKey devices to the internet via Wi-Fi/Ethernet

- Easy device networking scaling in the multiple doors buildings

- SameKey devices connect to electronic locks

- Aluminum frame, tempered glass, and ultra thickness

- External API for integrators

- Cloud Web Panel and mobile app Integration

Access Control Reader with Fingerprint

SameKey Product Line


Reader-controllers and contactless exit button


Card Control

Opens with cards + application via Bluetooth

Card Control Reader


Finger Control

Opens with fingerprints + cards + application via Bluetooth

Fingerprint access control reader


Air Exit

Contactless exit button. Just wave your hand

Exit Button



New device to be announced soon

Group 288.png

SameKey Cloud Control Panel

Manage, analyse and export your working place activity. Security guards, HR and office managers gets remote access to the cloud control panel with the ability to organize all the access points, employees keys and analyze their working time

It’s easy to use at various devices. Any security guard, HR or office manager can:

- Connect any SameKey device to a control panel in 3 clicks

- Integrate a limitless amount of controllers

- Add or delete access keys in several seconds

- Separate access rights of employees or attendances

- Get access to entrances/exits stats + export

Access Control Cloud Panel

Get a monthly subscription €10 (up to 20 employees) + €0.5 per each user

(may depend on regional prices)

SameKey mobile application

- 1 click door opening

- Cloud Server Synchronisation

- Multiple Door Connection

SameKey mobile application
Group 264.png
Group 278.png
Group 279.png

Who gains SameKey advantages?


Small offices

Quickly add & delete keys. Track and export attendance hours


Big facilities

Manage chaos with a big quantity of employees in your office


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